Canada is the world's second largest country and has a population that, for the most part, lives in the South part along the Canada US border. The country's many major cities are located in a belt from east to west, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, and the rest of Canada is characterized by vast landscapes.

Toronto and Montreal are the two largest Canadian cities. They are not far from each other to the east, and they are as exciting as two different cities whose roots are marked by British and French language and culture respectively - the languages ​​you meet on the trip around the Canadian countryside.

From the east, the Canadian Pacific Railroad travels through the vast Canadian agricultural areas before climbing the majestic Rocky Mountains towering west of Calgary and Edmonton. The views of the mountains, glaciers and other natural beauties are unforgettable.

The same goes for Vancouver at the Pacific coast, which is the Canadian Pacific Railroad terminus. The city is one of the most beautifully located in the world, and everywhere in the million city, nature is ubiquitous… like most places in Canada. And that continues when boarding a ferry to Vancouver Island and main city of Victoria.

Biggest cities
  • Toronto: 5,429,524
  • Montreal: 3,519,595
  • Vancouver: 2,264,823
  • Calgary: 1,237,656
  • Edmonton: 1,062,643
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  • January 1: New Year's Day
  • Date varies: Good Friday
  • Date varies: Easter Day
  • Date varies: Easter Monday
  • July 1: Canada Day
  • First Monday in September: Labor Day
  • December 25: Christmas Day
  • December 26: Boxing Day
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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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Practical info
  • Official Name: Canada
  • Capital: Ottawa
  • National anthem: Oh Canada
  • Languages: English and French
  • Population (2015): 35,151,728
  • Primary Religion: Christianity
  • Currency: Canadian Dollar (CAD)
  • Drives in: Right side
  • Domain: .ca
  • Phone code: +1
  • Time Zone: NST (UTC-3.5), AST (UTC-4), EST (UTC-5), CST (UTC-6), MST (UTC-7), PST / YST (UTC-8)
  • Power and plugs: 120 V / 60 Hz, connector type A, B
  • Area: 9,984,670 km² / 3,855,103 sq mi
  • Highest point: Mount Logan 5,959 m / 19,551 feet
  • Longest river: Mckenzie River 4,241 km / 2,635 mi
  • Largest lake: Lake Huron 36,000 km² / 13,900 sq mi
  • Largest island: Baffin Island 507,451 km² / 195,928 sq mi
  • Boundaries: North: Beaufort Sea, Arctic Ocean. South:  Beaufort Sea, Arctic Ocean. East: Atlantic Ocean, St. Lawrence Bay, Labrador Sea, Davis Strait, Baffin Bay. West: United States (Alaska), Pacific Ocean.
  • Elizabeth Arden: Businesswoman, 1884-1966
  • Lester B. Pearson: Prime Minister, 1897-1972
  • Pierre Trudeau: Prime Minister, 1919-2000
  • Leslie Nielsen: Actor, 1926-2010
  • Frank Gehry: Architect, 1929-
  • William Shatner: Actor, 1931-
  • Leonhard Cohen: Musician, 1934-2016
  • Donald Sutherland: Actor, 1935-
  • Neil Young: Musician, 1945-
  • John Candy: Actor and Comedian, 1950-1994
  • Dan Aykroyd: Actor and Comedian, 1952-
  • Wayne Gretzky: Ice Hockey Player, 1961-
  • Michael J. Fox: Actor, 1961-
  • Jim Carrey: Actor and Comedian, 1962-
  • Mike Myers: Actor and Comedian, 1963-
  • Keanu Reeves: Actor, 1964-
  • Celine Dion: Singer, 1968-
  • Justin Trudeau: Prime Minister, 1971-
  • Justin Bieber: Singer, 1994-