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Khabarovsk is one of the largest cities in the Russian Far East, and despite its location a few kilometers/miles from China, a visit to the city is like getting to a place in Europe. Located on the banks of the Amur River, Khabarovsk offers many sights and great opportunities for lovely walks in the city center.

The Trans-Siberian Railway runs between the capital Moscow and the Pacific city of Vladivostok. Khabarovsk is one of the most important stations on the eastern part of the railway, and many come to the city by rail crossing one of Russia's most famous bridges; the long bridge over the Amur River.

Khabarovsk has a number of sights, and it is worth spending time walking in the center, where Lenin Square is one of Russia's largest urban spaces. From here you can walk along the main streets towards Amur and along the way you will see several beautiful churches, theaters, museums, monuments and much more.

From the river promenades of Khabarovsk you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Amur and almost to China, which lies to the southwest. In season, you can also go on boat trips on the river and see Khabarovsk from a different perspective. If you want to get out of the city and see the surrounding area, small sections of the Trans-Siberian Railway are of course an option.

Other attractions
  • Lenin Square/Площадь Ленина: Lenin Square in Khabarovsk is one of Russia's largest squares, and in size only the Red Square in Moscow is larger. The square was laid out from 1864 with the name Ploshad Nikolaevskaya. The current name came into being in 1957 after being named after Stalin from 1950. The square's statue of Vladimir Lenin was erected in the middle of the square in 1925, but has since been moved to the northeast of the square. In the middle there is now a beautiful fountain, and around the square you can see a number of stately buildings. Among them are the government building of the Khabarovsky Krai region to the southeast and the city's medical faculty to the northwest.
  • Square of Honor/Площадь Славы: Ploshad Slavy is an impressive square where you can see the eternal flame and several great monuments commemorating and honoring fallen soldiers. The square was inaugurated in 1975 on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the victory in World War II with the first monument on site. In 1985, a memorial dedicated to the residents of the Khabarovsk region was unveiled. The names of 19,000 soldiers and officers are written on the semicircular wall of the memorial. Several monuments have since been added, and the Transfiguration Church was built here 2001-2004.
  • Dinamo Culture and Leisure Park/парк культуры и отдыха Динамо: Park Dinamo is one of the large parks in central Khabarovsk and one of the popular green oases for the city's population. There are various buildings in and around the park such as Dinamo Stadium/Стадион Динамо and Khabarovsk Krai Music Theater/Хабаровский краевой музыкальный театр. Here are also lovely areas with promenades, sculptures and lakes with boats.
  • Khabarovsk Bridge/Хабаровский мост: The city of Khabarovsk is located on the eastern bank of the river Amur and in connection with the construction of the Trans-Siberian Railway, the first bridge over the mighty river was built 1913-1916. With a length of 2,590 meters/8,497 feet, it was for many years the longest bridge of Russia and the Soviet Union. The current bridge was built as a combined railway and road bridge in 1999. It is 3,890 meters/12,762 feet long and connects Khabarovsk in the east with the Jewish Autonomous Oblast in the west. Immediately north of the bridge you can see a preserved bridge section from the old bridge. It stands by the bridge museum Muzej Istorii Amurskogo Mosta/Музей истории Амурского моста, and you can walk on the bridge section and enjoy the view of the Amur.
  • Khabarovsk Krai Music Theater/Хабаровский краевой музыкальный театр: The music theater in Khabarovsk is one of the city's major stages, where you can experience a varied program of productions. The theater's history dates back to 1926, when opera singers established the first troupe. Over time, the theatre's troupe has toured many places, and it gave performances for Soviet soldiers during World War II battles in Manchuria. The modern theater building was inaugurated in 1977 and is used for many events in the city.
  • Komsomol Square/Комсомольская площадь: Komsomol Square is one of Khabarovsk's central urban spaces. It is located in the middle of the city and almost at the banks of the Amur River. On the square you can see the Assumption Cathedral/Градо-Хабаровский Успенский собор and the great Monument to the Heroes of the Civil Wars in the Far East/Монумент Героям Гражданской Войоннем на Д. At the end of the square there is also a viewing terrace with a panoramic view of the Amur.
  • Khabarovsk Archaeological Museum/Хабаровский музей археологии: The Khabarovsk Archaeological Museum offers an opportunity to go back in the history of the region. The exhibition tells about the history of the region and about the significant ancient cultures in the Amur region. There are many archeological objects in the museum, where you get thorough information on varying themes.
  • The Supreme Soviet/дом советов: The Supreme Soviet was located around the Soviet Union as local and regional administration buildings functioning as parliaments, and this was also the case in Khabarovsk. The Supreme Soviet of the city was built 1928-1930 in beautiful comtemporary architecture after a design that won the first prize in an architectural competition throughout the union. The style is constructivism, and the architecture is beautifully preserved to this day.
  • Town Hall/городской дом: The Town Hall in Khabarovsk is an architecturally interesting building located on the street ul. Muravieva-Amurskogo/ул. Муравьева-Амурского. The town hall was inaugurated in 1909 in a style that reflects historic Russian architecture. This was in fact one of the conditions in the architectural competition that the city government of Khabarovsk announced for Russians when they wanted to build a new and impressive house in the city.
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Khabarovsk, Khabarovsk Krai, Russia

Top attractions
  • Transfiguration Cathedral/Спасо-Преображенский собор: The Transfiguration Cathedral stands beautifully in Khabarovsk overlooking the Amur River. The church was built in the years 2001-2004, and with a height of 96 meters/314 feet, it was consecrated as one of Russia's tallest cathedrals. The design was inspired by Konstantin Thon's 19th century architecture from Moscow. The location of the cathedral was selected by the patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church on a helicopter ride over the city.
  • Khabarovsk Ascension Cathedral/Градо-Хабаровский Успенский собор: This church is beautifully located in central Khabarovsk on the part of Komsomol Square that is today called Cathedral Square/Соборная площадь. The church was built in 2000-2002 according to Yuri Podlesny's design, which was inspired by architecture in St. Petersburg. The church is 60 meters/196 feet high, and it hosts an icon from the former church on the site. It was built in the 1890s and demolished during the Soviet Union in 1930.
  • Far East Art Museum/Дальневосточный художественный музей: This museum was founded in 1931 with a collection that came from various museums in western Russia; eg from the Tretyakov Gallery and the state art museums in Leningrad at the time. The Art Museum of the Far East was from the beginning one of Khabarovsk's cultural centers, and the museum still is. You can enjoy works by countless great Russian artists and also Western European art by Albrecht Dürer, Titian, Rubens, Rembrandt and many others.
  • Nevelskogo Embankment/Набережная Невельского: The River Amur dominates the nature around Khabarovsk, and when almost all of the city lies along the river, Amur is always close to the city life. This gives great options for recreation with parks and promenades along the river. Nevelskogo Embankment is a promenade next to the city center, which is a nice place for a stroll. You can walk a long way along the Amur and there are plenty of fountains, entertainment, sports and activities here.
  • Muraviev-Amur Monument/Памятник Н. Н. Муравьеву-Амурскому: In the green area along the banks of the Amur River you can see this impressive monument. It was inaugurated in 1891 in memory of the Governor-General of Eastern Siberia, Nikolai Muraviev-Amursky. Muraviev-Amursky died in Paris in 1881, and due to his popularity, the inhabitants of the town of Blagoveshchensk requested the construction of a monument in his memory. The Tsar allowed donations to the monument, but the then Governor-General proposed building the monument in Khabarovsk instead, and Tsar Alexander III approved it. He also decided on the winning design proposal. The monument was then built on top of the Khabarovsk Cliff, and it was the largest monument in Russia at the time. Muraviev-Amursky was a count, and in 1925 the Soviet Union decided to replace the count with a statue of Lenin that stood here until 1983. In 1992, the original monument was unveiled once again.
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  • Ecodom/Экодом, ul. Leningradskaya 28/ул. Ленинградская 28,
  • Horizont/Горизонт, ul. Bolshaya 88/ул. Большая 88,
  • Maksi Mall/Макси Молл, ul. Leningradskaya 28i/ул. Ленинградская 28и,
  • Na Pushkina/На Пушкина, ul. Lva Tolstogo 19/ул. Льва Толстого 19,
  • NK City/НК СИТИ, ul. Karla Marksa 76/ул. Карла Маркса 76
  • Tsentralnyj Univermag/Центральный Универмаг, ul. Muraveva-Amurskogo 23/ул. Муравьева-Амурского 23,
  • Shopping streets: ul. Muraveva-Amurskogo/ул. Муравьева-Амурского, ul. Lenina/ул. Ленина, ul. Karla Marksa/ул. Карла Маркса
With kids
  • Aquarium: Muzej-akvarium Ryby Amura/Музей-аквариум Рыбы Амура, Amursky Bulvar 13a/Амурский бульвар 13а
  • Bridge museum: Muzej Istorii Amurskogo Mosta/Музей истории Амурского моста, Vokhr. 1/ВОХР. 1
  • Circus: Khabarovsky Gosudarstvennyj Tsirk/Хабаровский Государственный Цирк, ul. Krasnoretsenskaya 102/ул. Краснореченская 102
  • Amusements: Detsky Park/Детский парк, ul. Karla Marksa/ул. Карла Маркса
  • Zoological garden: Zoosad Priamursky/Зоосад Приамурский, ul. Molodezhnaya 18, Voronezhskoe sh. 2c/ул. Молодежная 18, Воронежское ш. 2с
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