North Macedonia is one of the Balkan Peninsula countries that were formerly part of Yugoslavia. This means that you can experience both Macedonian culture and at the same time feel the atmosphere of a larger and bygone country in the region. Northern Macedonia itself has many sights that are unforgettable.

Most visitors will remember the capital of Skopje with a nice memory of the imposing neoclassicalism that has been built almost everywhere in the city center in recent decades. Bridges, museums and a triumphal arch are part of the modern center, which contrasts the city's old churches and large bazaar neighborhoods.

The cities and towns in the North Macedonian provinces are pleasant places and with a good opportunity for relaxation along the sights that are found here. These include, for example, Tetovo, Kumanovo, Bitola and of course Ohrid, which lies by the lake of the same name.

Lake Ohrid is one of the country's major excursion destinations. Mountains, churches and beautiful towns along the coasts that are shared between North Macedonia and Albania. Similarly, there are beautiful views of lakes and mountains in the Movrovo National Park, which is also home to Mount Korab, the highest in the country.

Biggest cities
  • Скопје / Skopje: 544,086
  • Битола / Bitola: 74,550
  • Куманово / Kumanovo: 70,842
  • Прилеп / Prilep: 66,246
  • Тетово / Tetovo: 52,915
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  • January 1: New Year's Day
  • January 7: Orthodox Christmas
  • Date varies: Easter Day
  • Date varies: Easter Monday
  • May 1: May 1st
  • May 24: Saint Kiril and Methodius
  • August 2: Republic Day
  • September 8: Independence Day
  • October 11: Revolution Day
  • October 23: Revolutionary Macedonian Fight Day
  • December 8: Saint Clement of Ohrid
  • December 25: Christmas Day
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Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

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Practical info
  • Official Name: Република Северна Македонија / Republika Severna Makedonija
  • Capital: Скопје / Skopje
  • National anthem : Денес над Македонија / Denes nad Makedonija
  • Language: Macedonian
  • Population: 2,103,721 (2017)
  • Primary Religion: Christianity
  • Currency: Denar (MKD)
  • Drives in: Right side
  • Domain: .mk
  • Phone code: +389
  • Time Zone: CET (UTC + 1)
  • Power and plugs: 230 V / 50 Hz, plug type C, F
  • Area: 25,713 km² / 9,928 sq mi
  • Highest point: Голем Кораб / Korab, 2,764 m / 9,068 feet
  • Longest river: Вардар / Vardar, 388 km / 241 mi
  • Largest lake: Охридско Езеро / Ohrid Lake, 358 km² / 138 sq mi
  • Boundaries: North: Serbia, Kosovo. South: Greece. East: Bulgaria. West: Albania.
  • Alexander the Great: King, 356-323 BC
  • Gjorche Petrov: War Hero , 1865-1921
  • Mother Theresa: Religious, 1910-1997
  • Gotse Delchev: Revolutionary, 1872-1903
  • Kiril Lazarov: Handball player, 1980-
  • Katarina Ivanovska: Model and Actor, 1988-