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Orlando is a city in central Florida, which is known as one of the United States' great entertainment cities. In the urban area, there are just over 2.5 million inhabitants, making Orlando one of the state's largest cities. In addition, all visitors to the city make it one of the world's most popular travel destinations.

You can experience many of the world's most famous theme parks and amusement parks in Orlando. For example, Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and LEGOLAND all attract many visitors year-round. In addition, you can visit aquariums, zoos, science centers and almost all the activities you can dream of. All of this is possible in Orlando.

Orlando is also other things than amusement parks. Remember to walk the streets of the old downtown area, which houses a number of buildings from the city's early years. They portray the appearance and size of the city's development over the years and also Orlando's culture and role as a railway hub, for example.

Of course, you can also just relax in hotels and jump in swimming pools in Florida's wonderful weather. There are also many golf courses, malls and outlets, and if you want to get out of the city, there are also more opportunities for day trips. Many choose the tour to the East Coast and Kennedy Space Center to get acquainted with space exploration.

Other attractions
  • Walt Disney World: Walt Disney World consists of four theme parks, each offering loads of ​​entertainment. One of them is Magic Kingdom, the classic park with the many characters and rides from Walt Disney's universe, and it offers family entertainment and many different rides.
  • Universal Studios: The movie theme park, Universal Studios, offers shows, scenes and rides through many delightful memories from movies like Revenge of the Mummy, Men in Black, Terminator 2, Back to the Future and of course The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
  • Gatorland: Gatorland is a park with central Florida's many alligators. In the vast area, thousands of alligators, the rarer American crocodiles, snakes and turtles, can be found.
  • LEGOLAND Florida Resort: The well-known LEGO pieces, built as a fantastic miniature country, are just one of the areas in this park, where movies, shows, roller coasters and many other rides are fun as well.
  • Orlando Science Center: In this extensive science museum, you can get to know much of the exciting world of nature and technology in a fun and interactive way. There are countless themes in the many halls.
History overview

    Read about city history

    The name Orlando goes back to 1836, when the farmer Orlando Reeves' name was reportedly cut into a tree. Settlers thought it was Orlando's grave and named the place after him. It happened during the Second Seminole War, during which the United States built a fort in the area in 1838. After the war the fort was abandoned, and not until 1842 did the first permanent settler arrive. It was Aaron Jernigan who had acquired land.

    Large numbers of colonists arrived only after the end of the Third and Last Seminole War in 1858. During the American Civil War, the area suffered the Union blockade, but after the war, the site, established in 1875, flourished as the city of Orlando.

    The period from 1875 to 1895 became Orlando's first golden age, where the city was the center of Florida's citrus fruit production. Here the economy was good and the wealthy were many. Frosty and devastated harvests stopped the adventure moving south toward the warmer climate of the Miami region.

    In the decades before World War I, Orlando gradually developed into a popular resort. The central location and the pleasant climate made it attractive to many people for the start-up tourism industry.

    In the post-World War II period, high-tech companies were invested in and around Orlando, creating the ever-present golden age. Lockheed Martin founded an aerospace plant, the Cape Canaveral / Kennedy Space Center aerospace center was built off the Atlantic coast and perhaps best known by all - the Walt Disney Resort, which opened its doors in 1971.

    In recent decades, Orlando's tourism economy has boomed. Tens of thousands of hotel rooms have been erected, golf courses, water parks and several major theme parks located in and around the city, whose population is approaching 2 million.
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Downtown Orlando City Hall, South Orange Avenue, Orlando, Florida, USA

Top attractions
  • Downtown Historic District: In Orlando's historic downtown, you can still see a number of houses from the 1880-1950 period. Most of the approximately 60 buildings stand with their small sizes in sharp contrast to the surrounding high-rises.
  • Peabody Hotel: At Peabody Hotel you can enjoy a different and free pleasure, the daily duck parade, Peabody Duck March. In the morning and afternoon, the hotel's ducks are followed by a master of ceremonies with a lift to the lobby, where they walk up and down the fountain basin.
  • Orlando Museum of Art: Located in Orlando's beautifully landscaped Loch Haven Park, this art museum is one of Florida's best. The museum's collection consists mainly of American art from the 19th century to the present day, African art as well as works from ancient cultures on the American continents.
  • Harry P. Leu Gardens: In Harry P. Leu Park, there are a lot of hiking trails that lead one through a wide variety of greenery. There is a large collection of camellias here, and different gardens, each with its own specialty.
Trips in the area
  • Kennedy Space Center: This is a large space center on Florida's east coast. Since 1958 the United States has deployed spacecraft; satellites, Apollo rockets and the US space shuttles from here. On a visit you get a very nice briefing on the US launches and also on the general history of space exploration. You can also see many items on display, from astronauts and from various launches, including the colossal Saturn V rocket from the Apollo program.
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