Slovenia is a beautiful and well located country on the roads between the Balkans and Central Europe. The relatively small country is dominated by beautiful mountain scenery and the gentle coasts facing the Adriatic. Short distances provide opportunities to get from cities to mountains and on to the sea in no time.

Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia and forms the economic, political and cultural center of the country. For city tourists, the capital Ljubljana offers many sights. The center of Ljubljana is cozy and picturesque with crooked and narrow streets, elegant churches, beautiful architecture, fine museums with the city's castle on top.

Slovenian provincial towns are nice and all close to nature. Larger cities such as Maribor and Celje are beautifully located by rivers, and the well-visited Koper and Piran on the country's Adriatic coast are beautiful coastal towns. All with narrow streets, cozy squares and beautiful views.

Slovenian nature is also worth seeing with many gems around the country. Bled has become one of Slovenia's icons with the beautiful lake scenery and the island with the church on top. Around the lake the mountains rise to top the horizon. There are also more opportunities to go underground. The impressive caves at Postojna are UNESCO World Heritage and quite unforgettable.

Biggest cities
  • Ljubljana: 292.988
  • Maribor: 94,642
  • Celje: 38,079
  • Kranj: 37,313
  • Nova Gorica: 32,763
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  • January 1-2: New Year / Novo leto
  • February 8: Prešeren Day / Prešernov den
  • Date varies: Easter Day / Velika noč
  • Date varies: Easter Monday / Velikonočni ponedeljek
  • April 27: Uprising against the occupation / Dan upora proti okupatorju
  • May 1: May 1 celebrations / Praznik dela
  • Date varies: Pentecost / Binkoštna nedelja
  • June 8: Primož Trubar Day / Dan Primoža Trubarja
  • June 25: State Day / Dan državnosti
  • August 15: Assumption Day / Marijino vnebovzetje
  • October 31: Reformation Day / Dan Reformacije
  • November 1: All Saints Day / Dan Spomina after Mar.
  • November 23: Rudolf Maister Day / Dan Rudolfa Maistra
  • December 25: Christmas Day / Božič
  • December 26: Independence and Association Day / Dan samostojnosti in enotnosti
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Ljubljana, Province of Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Practical info
  • Official name: Republika Slovenija
  • Capital: Ljubljana
  • National anthem: Zdravlijca
  • Language: Slovenian
  • Population: 2,084,301 (2018)
  • Primary Religion: Christianity
  • Currency: Euro (EUR)
  • Drives in: Right side
  • Domain: .si
  • Phone code: +386
  • Time Zone: CET (UTC + 1)
  • Power and plugs: 230 V / 50 Hz, plug type C, F
  • Area: 20,273 km² / 7,827 sq mi
  • Highest point: Triglav, 2,864 m / 9,396 feet
  • Longest river: Sava, 940 km / 584 mi
  • Largest lake: Cerkniško jezero, 38 km² / 14.7 sq mi
  • Boundaries: North: Austria. South: Croatia. East: Hungary. West: Italy, Adriatic Sea.
  • Rihard Jakopič: Art Painter, 1869-1943
  • Rudolf Maister: Officer and Poet, 1874-1934
  • Ivan Cankar: Author, 1876-1918
  • Milan Kučan: President, 1941-
  • Bojan Križaj: Skier, 1957-
  • Melania Trump: Model and President's Lady, 1970-