Wales is called Cymru in Welsh and a trip there is a lovely encounter with beautiful scenery and local customs that are different from neighboring England. In Wales there are large national parks, beautiful coastal landscapes, and both the big cities and smaller towns are interesting to visit.

The capital of Cardiff is located in the Welsh Southeast, and the waters of the Bristol Channel provide a major port in the city, which houses museums and the country's Senate, among other things. The impressive Cardiff Castle stands in the city center, and the city's shopping and old arcades are definitely worth a visit as well.

Swansea, Merthyr Tydfil and other cities around Wales also offer great experiences in and around the urban areas. Historical railway lines and trains can be taken through the countryside in several places, and the Big Pit National Coal Museum is a meeting with the coal mining industry that has for many years created Wales' development and economy.

The peak of Wales is Snowdon in the national park Snowdonia as the epitome of Welsh nature. The mountains are interrupted by lakes and ancient castles, and the views vary unforgettably. Brecon Beacon Plains and the rugged coasts of Pembrokeshire Coast are other interesting national parks worth visiting.

Biggest cities
  • Cardiff: 447,287
  • Swansea: 245,500
  • Newport: 150,100
  • Wrexham: 66,800
  • Merthyr Tydfil: 63,546
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  • January 1: New Year's Day
  • Date varies: Good Friday
  • Date varies: Easter Day
  • Date varies: 2nd Easter Sunday
  • First Monday in May: May Day
  • Last Monday in May: Spring
  • December 25: Christmas Day
  • December 26: Boxing Day
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Cardiff, Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

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Practical info
  • Official name: Wales / Cymru
  • Capital: Cardiff / Caerdydd
  • National anthem: Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau
  • Languages: English, Welsh
  • Population: 3,063,456 (2011)
  • Primary religion: Christianity
  • Currency: Pound (GBP)
  • Drives in: Left side
  • Domain: .uk
  • Phone code: +44
  • Time Zone: GMT (UTC + 0)
  • Power and plugs: 230 V / 60 Hz, plug type G
  • Area: 20,779 km² / 8,023 sq mi
  • Highest point: Snowdon, 1,085 m / 3,560 feet
  • Longest river: Severn, 345 km / 214 mi
  • Largest lake: Llyn Tegid, 4.8 km² / 1.9 sq mi
  • Largest island: Great Britain, 216,777 km² / 83,698 sq mi
  • Boundaries: North: The Irish Sea. South: Bristol Channel. East: England. West: The Irish Sea, St. George's Channel, Celtic Sea.
  • Geoffrey of Monmouth: Author and Historian, 1100-1155
  • Owain Glyndŵr: Prince, 1359-1415
  • Henry V: King, 1386-1422
  • Aneurin Bevan: Politician, 1897-1960
  • Gwynfor Evans: Politician, 1912-2005
  • Dylan Thomas: Poet, 1914-1953
  • Roald Dahl: Author, 1916-1990
  • Richard Burton: Actor, 1925-1984
  • Anthony Hopkins: Actor, 1937-
  • Shirley Bassey: Singer, 1937-
  • Tom Jones: Singer, 1940-
  • Gareth Edwards: Rugby Player, 1947-
  • Ken Follett: Author, 1949-
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones: Actor, 1969-
  • Ryan Giggs: Football Player, 1973-
  • Christian Bale: Actor, 1974-
  • Katherine Jenkins: Singer, 1980-
  • Gareth Bale: Football Player, 1989-